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well, 1994 to 2004 i worked as a lawn applicator..(for a few different companies) so 10 years experience as an applicator in my area, and even though i changed jobs in 04' still kept up apps on my on 2 lawns all this time. i feel confident i have the skill to start-up, and know what this kinda work entails. not gonna sit here and say i know it all or anything like that though, just feel like im ready. i know with the economy its rough to get started, but this type of service is still in big demand around here from what i can tell.. (metro atlanta area) i always did good work when i was an applicator, the customers liked me. i listened to their concerns, always made good on my promises. I can't see going to work for somebody else doing something that i know that i could do on my own. i managed routes with large amt's of customers.. i would rather just do it on my own, not expecting it to be easy either. i did talk to trugreen last week, they offer 13 bucks an hour for a 4 day work week. non-compete agreement. hmmm. i don't think so..

i have got another 3 weeks off of work and i'm studying up for the pesticide exam at this time. i may feel things out for another year before i get out there.. but who knows.

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I am a Fert & Squirt only guy. My advice is to find the best Fert & Squirt Company in your area and Train under them until the Economy turns around. This is not the best time to start a business and the Training you get working for the man will make you that much more successful when you do go in Business. Un-like Mowing, Fert & Squirt is a SKILLED TRADE, treat that way by getting the proper training.

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