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Hey Jeff, sorry I missed that this thread had a reply until another one came in today. Here are the META tags that have issues, there are other tags in between some of them, but this is the same order on your home page:
HTML Code:
1: <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
2: <meta name="refresh" content="120">
3: <meta name="robots"content="index,follow">
4: <meta name="copyright" content="Copyright 2009. Lynden Lawn Care. All Rights Reserved.">
5: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><style type="text/css">
As you can see, #1 and #5 are duplicates, and actually conflict in their values. In basic terms, each file on a computer has a set of characters used to make it up, and for the basic typeable characters, they are the same, however when you get to things such as accents, curved double/single quotes (usually from copying content from word) they can be different. As long as you just have basic text, between those two won't matter too much just need to pick one (anything that would be affected should use HTML entities anyhow. (see

#2 I had misspoke on, it is not that it isn't allowed in HTML 5, it is that it is used incorrectly. This command is designed to tell the browser to refresh the current page (or load a different one if specified) after so many seconds, in your case 2 minutes. Unless you have content that changes, there is no need for this, and will actually mess some stats (some will detect you were on same page before and not count it) Anyhow, if you MUST keep it, the correct format should be:
HTML Code:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="120" />
#3 has an issue because it needs a space between name="robots" and content=...

#4 well. I just did about 20 minutes of digging on if this one is valid or not, and seems that it probably is, just the validator hasn't fully accepted it yet for HTML 5 (the specification is still evolving), so at this point I would leave it out personally, having it just in the footer of the page as you do (I normally use "Copyright &copy;2012 Company Name, Inc. All rights reserved." Technically, in the US you do not need it since it is after 1989 when they made it optional, anything published is automatically given copyright protection to the original author. (But the web is international...)

Onto the form:

When I submit a blank form, here is what I see:
The Email Address you entered does not appear
to be valid.
The First Name you entered does not appear to
be valid.
The Last Name you entered does not appear to
be valid.
The Comments you entered do not appear to be
In looking at the styles, you are locked into a narrow width, so without reworking the CSS, you will be stuck with it. (before I had thought you had hand done all the code, so changing that would be doable, but depending on your skill level, may be difficult without messing up something else)

The big issue I have with the form, coming from a programmer standpoint, is that I feel when a form has an error you should be presented with the form again, already filled out with what you already entered, listing at the top there was an error, with visual clues to where they are. It makes it more user friendly, and in testing before (people do all kinds of studies on the best ways for forms), just giving and error message and having them use the back button results in a much higher # of people who just give up and never submit. (i saw though, if they are really serious, they will most likely fill it out though, but still like making it as user friendly as possible)

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