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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

I actually think the soil and organic matter NOT REMOVED is a Plus to the new sod. I pick up many of these accounts I kill out and they seem to do very well.

Bermuda is hard to kill and does come back up. U of F recommends 4 application two weeks a part of Glyphosate and Fusilade. That is two months and way too long for for commercial work. Also remember Fusilade un-like Roundup has a pre emerge effect and waiting period before sod can be laid.

Bahia is also Hard to kill, but once sod is laid Bahia doesn't come back up like Bermuda will.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend someone that has weeds or Bahia/weeds a layover. If there is currently a decent percentage of SA, I wouldn't recommend. FYI-that customer that had the layover, the price was double for the RandR. I'm talking a $2-K difference. That is a lot of money.
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