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Re: My 2 Cents

Originally posted by gilllawnservice
I highly recommend focusing on other revenue streams once you establish your core set of services.

If you plan to mow, edge, fertilize, etc.... Than make it your core services and provide the quality work expected.

Then, add to your services with your base set of clients. Services such as Mulching, Landscapes, Aeration, etc
Truer words have never been spoken. Don't try to do too much too soon. You'll only make yourself look hungry and deseparate. I've seen flyers where, literally, the LCO that wrote the flyer listed every possible service known man. One flyer listed: "painting, roofing, remodeling, landscapes, aeration, lawncare, water scapes, pet sitting, pressure washing, driveway sealing, fences, decks, garages built, window cleaning, maid service......" You get the idea.

Mowing is not a high margin profit center for most LCOs. But it does have several really neat things going for it.

#1. You only have to sell the customer one time whereas a mulch or aeration job will need to be sold and then sold again to the next customer. Only after several seasons will repeat business start appearing on a regular enough basis but mowing repeats again and again all in the same season.

#2. Mowing gets you in the door and you get to establish a relationship with the customer that then gives you a spring board to the other jobs. And it's a very easy sell. Once the customer gets to know and trust you, the other jobs become easier to sell also.

#3. Once you get a regular group of customers lined up, you know that each year will at least give you a minimum amount of income that you know you'll get. It's really nice to know that as long as you're able to get out there and do the work, you'll make "x" amount of dollars by the end of the year. How many other service industries can make that claim. I worked for years banging in hardwood floors before I got into lawncare. There was never a time when I could see work ahead of me for more than about 2 months and many times, not even that. Many times I would finish one floor and have nothing else lined up. Not so with lawncare.

If you keep your expenses down, mowing can be a pretty good money tree. You just have to shake the dickens out of it.
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