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It seemed straightforward enough to me - I forgot my calculator, but the calculations were simple enough to figure out without scratch paper. I'd still recommend taking yours though (had a panicky moment there).
The turf section included stuff like "overwintering form of chinch bugs", "frog-eye pattern suggests which fungus" and a question on "which herbicide does not show effect until the next season". (I remember those, cause I wasn't sure of the answers). If you were in the second (Feb) series of classes, and go over *everything* they gave us you should be fine. The tests I had didn't have too many specific named pesticide questions, or I'd have been in trouble. Label reading is worth 10 questions in both G2 and B - easy points there.
Gotta watch for some weird phrasing - there was a cryptic double-negative in one of them, and they'll toss in some random term in an otherwise textbook description. Making sure your paying attention I guess.
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