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Granular fertilizer rates?

I have an existing client that typically goes with the spray fertilizer by the big company in town. Well I've been mowing their lawn for five years now and they asked if I could quote them a price for granular weed and feed. I said I sure would...however...this isn't something I specialize in or do on a regular basis. I do do small fert jobs, lime, etc. But I've never done anything where I was competing with the spray fert pricing. So this is what I came up with...could someone let me know if I'm in the ballpark?

57,000 square feet lawn

4 bags of weed and feed fert (15,000 sq ft bags) = $171.88
tax = $10.31
labor = $80.00
TOTAL = $262.19

I was just going $20 a bag for labor vs. square feet. This is per one application. Am I right on or way off?
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