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Originally Posted by themaintenanceman View Post
sorry ..... I was refering to the toro. I have no problems with b&s engines as long as there on other peoples machines. the engine block runs great but all the other parts are not designed for comm use. just dont normaly see them with commercial duty products. very nice mowers guys..... wish the winter was better to me so i could follow your lead, but no snow! I think I may be cutting on the 26th!!!!
My Toro? Yeah, B&S, but it's not a commercial mower. Toro Super Recycler 21" Personal Pace. Gotta start somewhere.

Originally Posted by themaintenanceman View Post
hey oaknut.... nice machine! is the fluid in the resevior low ? or is that the normal range?
Not sure about the fluid... in the pic, it's at the "Full Cold" line and had only been running for a minute or two. When it's been sitting it goes a bit below the line - I'll look into it. Thanks though for mentioning it.
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