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Originally Posted by ttstockdogs View Post
My new Z910A showed up 3 weeks early which was a great surprize. It was delivered yesterday, I had to install the Bagger system and the suspension seat. That takes about 4 hours if you have not done them before.

It has been raining here so I have to wait to test it out. The deck is a little on the heavy side to lift with the powerflow mounted. I am still waiting for the weights and the lights to show up.

Ridin' Green or other Z900 owners, what hole do you run your front and rear scalp wheels in?
Sweet! That's a thing of beauty.

To answer your question:
I cut at 3-3.25". I can set the gauge wheels in the lowest hole and be just the correct recommended (in the manual) amount off the ground when sitting on a smooth level surface like you should be on to check them when the deck is in the cutting height position.

BUT- I have found that setting them in the middle hole works better because when mowing at any kind of speed at all at that height, and with the gauge wheels in the lowest hole, if you go over a root (like a pine or maple which grow on or near the surface), or a rock that is sticking up just enough for them to hit, it makes the entire mower deck jump, and sounds like, well, like it isn't doing the mower deck any good. I started running my center gauge wheels all the way up though, because I noticed that when they are set at the same height as the outer ones, they tend to leave a narrow little stripe that will show up in the center of your mow strip/stripe which ruins the look IMO. Cutting at that height, and with the gauge wheels adjusted like that, I still don't have any scalping or dipping problems even on the 60" deck.

I just sold my Z720 a few days ago, and ordered my new Z950 today. It should be here before the end of the month. I ordered it with pneumatic front casters tires instead of the run flats, because the run flats ride like the old roller skates that came on the small steel wheels back in the sixties/seventies. You'll be glad that you have the suspension seat with the factory run flats, trust me on that.
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