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Originally Posted by abcfamily View Post
O.k. so I am tired of waiting for a calm day to spray around my mulch beds. And I have a paint stick that I haven't used in years, so I got to thinking why not just load it up with some round up and roll it on the weeds.
Only problem is I tried just using water (as a trial to see if it would leak) and it is to thin and wants to drip as I walk between the beds. Now I could carry it around in a bucket but that would be a pain.
This brings me to my question. What can I add to it to thicken it up enough not to want to drip? Thanks for your suggestions.
RoundUp as a paint on application may be kept as concentrated as 1 part RoundUp to 3 parts water. I use a 4 oz bottle sold for applying grout sealants. It is a squeeze bottle with a small bristle brush at the top. It does not take much touched to a weed and it is way safer than a sprayer to desirable shrubs.
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