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I forgot to mention this in my last post-

The deck spring assist can be adjusted to make lifting the deck much easier. The directions to adjust it are in your manual. If you take the entirebagger/blower unit off, or take off just the powerflo head itself along with the connecting hose, you will want to change the spring back to where it was set when you got it. Otherwise, when you hit a bump in the yard, the assist spring will have so much tension on the deck lift, that it will cause the deck to really bounce up and down over each bump.

It's the large spring under the seat. You simply tighten or loosen the tensioning nut and lock nut to adjust it one way ot the other. Make sure you measure the total length of the spring from outside to outside of each nut on opposite ends of the spring, both before and after you adjust it to what feels best to you. It makes it easy to go back and forth between just having the mower on and having the powerflohead on without constantly adjusting, climbing on and testing, the adjusting some more.
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