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I am listed with the FWC as Nuance Wildlife Trapper and at one time had a Gator trapping License. The issue with Hog Hunting contract here in Florida is there are Too Many sportsmen willing to pay property owner for the right to hunt Feral Hogs on their land.

My friends who have Hog Dogs or trap Feral Hogs also resale live hogs to Private Hunting Lodges. These Hunting Lodges put on a big show and guarantee their customers get to shoot a Hog, which is released from a trap or chute a minute before being shot. Of course the Sucker (customer) doesn't realize what happen. Hog Hunting packages are priced by the size Hog you want to shoot. The Bigger the Hog the Bigger the Price for both the Trapper and the City Slicker with the deep pockets.


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