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Hi (insert name here),

Since nobody replied to you, I thought I'd give it a shot...

First off, I do think its neat that you have such a desire to work hard. When I was in high school, (I graduated 7 years ago so I'm still pretty young) I had NO desire to do manual labor like this. I had always (since I was young) wanted to be a CHP officer. Well, I didn't make it into the CHP, but I did get into Law Enforcement; However after 3 years, I have decided that its not quite what I had anticipated.

I'm telling you that to tell you this: Things aren't always what you anticipate. There are a LOT of hidden details about everything! You are young so make sure this is FOR SURE what you want to do. AND IF IT IS, go to school. Others on here may not agree with me, but thats fine, they dont have to. If you are absolutely sure this is what you want to do, then at least get an AA in Horticulture or something similar. It will give you some knowledge that can prove useful, and it will give you the ability to work for someone like ACRT if your business goes belly up. Its a good backup plan. Just think about it. Words of wisdom from a young old man who has been through more than you could know, and more than most people go through at my age.

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