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i say go for it, but i would keep it part time and further my education... whether it be a degree in business management or hort degree, or whatever else your good at. something that can help you somehow down the road. its good to have a fallback. if i could only go back 20 years.

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I'm in high school but I love the lawn care industry. I love the idea of owning your own business as much as making lawns greener and thicker than anyone else's. This year is my first opportunity to get into lawn care service, otherwise I would have been doing thisfor much longer. I have started with nothing, and have gotten some luck doing stump removals (manually, of course) around the neighborhood to pay for some good equipment. I want to learn as many things as I can, such as fertilizing, aeration, dethatching, irrigation, etc., and this site has a plethora of information. I have some guys service lawns in my neighborhood and noticed how they have taken advantage of some of my neighobors (a guy across the street has been mowing bermuda that's been dormant since December, it hasn't grown an inch). I want to take those guys out of business and not become another poor example of the industry like them.
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