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In CA, been dealing with this crap for a long time. Bout the the only thing you can do is just follow manufactures recommendations of at least using 89 octane gas, good quality gas(brand names like shell Exxon Chevron) all use secret formulas adding various detergents bla bla bla....(that can be argued if worth the extra cost) and they maintain there storage tanks better. its the storage tanks where moisture will get into fuel.

Since the intro of ethnoyl to CA market, our spark plugs foul easier...gas prices are never really stable and our food prices have skyrockted because of politics of ehtonoyl.

Simple fact, if they took the tarrifs off of sugar beets, our food prices would drop and possible fuel cost too. Corn ethnoyl is subiside too much. tale the sugar beet tarrif off and watch the corn market take a dump.

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