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Originally Posted by Fine Gardens Landscaping View Post
They are mostly being hurt by CUSTOMERS who hire irresponsible clowns to do their yard work in my opinion.

My thoughts on lowballing

1. Guys that lowball are inexperienced or uneducated or both

2. There are certainly guys on this site that lowball

3. Savvy customers (relatively few) realize the importance of dealing with a licensed, insured business. They want the people who work in their yard to be knowledge-able in regards to plants, turf, and pests and are willing to pay for this service.

4. Uneducated customers (majority) don't know anything, and just go for the bottom $ price. This customer type creates the demand for lowballing, and as long as there's significant demand there will always be people willing to fulfill it.

5. There is virtually no enforcement at the state level. You're supposed to be a licensed contractor to do jobs over $500, have a Pest Control Qualified Applicator Certificate for maintenance related work, have a business license in every city and county you work in, have liability and WC insurance. In reality you could run a landscaping/maintenance business for your whole career with out ever having the state step in and tell you what's what.
You can report guys who are working without the proper licenses.
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