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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
RLM, if you don't mind, wht did u wind up paying for yur walker? I plan on ordering one ths week exactly like you have. I really like the dual split wheels in the rear. Tht might really help down here in louisiana during heavy spring rains. Beautiful machine by the way!
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Thanks man I stood and the trailer and starred at it for ten minutes today haha. I paid 13200 plus tax for mine. The split tail kit is expensive but I wasn't a fan of the third wheel mark. The split tail kit ran 1200 extra and I got 300 off for putting some money down on the mower. I forget how much the seat and speed up kit cost. U might be able to find a kit online and put it on yourself doesn't look all that difficult and uses the same wheels that are on the single kit.
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