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Originally Posted by greenpoint View Post
Not sure where you guys buy from, but I'm paying $150ish for the sod alone! And... $125 per pallet IS out of line, regardless of the number of pallets.
Green Point

The Price of St A Sod in the Field is $ 0.15 a Sq Ft or $ 60.00 a 400 sq ft Pallet. What you are paying for is the Transportation. Back when I was half owner of a Sod Company we charged $ 150 per delivered pallet compared to our competitor's $ 125. We however had a Donkey Piggy Back Fork lift and spotted the Pallets in for easy throwing. Our Competitors just dropped the pallets on the street.

There is money in Sod Replacement in a Good economy. As a Pest Control Guy I network with a very old and established Sod Company. In fact I just got off the phone with them. They hurt bad in the 2008 crash but are picking up business daily right now. Interest rates are down and credit is getting loser because this is an election year. My suggest is to make now because after the election look for it to slow down again.


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