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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
I knowfirst hand the price sucks down there A couple moved up here from there gave them a price for there lawn here They said I was high for a month fee I told them thats per time not a month price they was shock and pass on my bid Then week later called me back said I was the cheapest in my area After talking to them about FL I couldnt see anybody making a living down there in mowing
I am from your area originally and I will say this.
They most likely fail to understand how large their property is now vs what they had before. They also most likely fail to understand that they do not have irrigation and that although you gave them a price per cut...the number of cuts is going to be determined by several factors such as the heat, the rain etc.....this will be a new concept to them as they are used to having their turf cut every week most of the year and eow the other part.

They fail to understand that you cool season turf guys are like squirrels as I once told a failed cool season lawn turd. You must gather and hoard your nuts as fast as you can all growing season (however long that may be) because you do not know when winter is going to come where as we enjoy re-occuring monthly payments all year long for our services.

Although things can be tough down here....I am glad I am no longer a squirrel working my little tail off to gather as many nuts as I can and hoping I have stashed enough for the long winter ahead.
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