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First, are you saying as in pavers you are the only one capable of diversifying and everyone else is dumb and can't pull it off. Second no real "business man" would trash the president in a mailer to their customers. I am as conservative as they come and certainly no obama fan, but my business sense would tell me not to risk alienating or irritating a customer who may not share my political views. I don't roll the dice when it comes to business.

Originally Posted by yamadooski View Post
Florid Rico nailed it on the head that was kinda funny in way also.
But lets face it I would have to venture to say that 85% of all Florida lawn turds are the dumbest on the planet.
Last summer I asked 23 seperate lawn guys what they are doing about gas price and massive obummer inflation. Lets face it for a gallon of water and a bag of ice before obummer in 2007 and part of 2008 it was $3.00.
Now its $5.25. That is not inflation of 4% which we have had for like ever.
Back to the 23 question I asked only 1 did you get that? only 1 said he raised prices and he guess what? Him and I only lost how many customers? Wait foooorrrr it.....0.
I now do all my invoicing on a sliding scale. I did indeed in my letter to our customers blame Obummer. I told them i have every documentation of costs pertaining to my business for the last 21 years and never have seen any kind of inlfation as to this these last three years.

The other thing Im really concerned about is everyone on here telling everyone to diversify their business. Well if everyone is lowballing the lawn business wont they do the same with everything else? ahahha yes it already starting. Lost 3 landscape jobs to some lawn guy that has no clue as to put what and where.
One of the three called me and said they should have used us. I pointed out everthing that is wrong and that is why its turning brown.
I charged them for my consultation and left.

So please do diversify because I already have the advertising ready to go to make money from all the lawnturds that dont know where to put and build things.
Already doing it with pavers saw that coming 10 years ago with the big push of pavers and all the yahoos that thought they could do pavers. The jobs I saw what a joke.
I charged for consultation and fuel. I have been charging for fuel even when it was $1.30 a gallon.
To most of you....YOu have to be a business person before being lawn jocky.
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