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Originally Posted by MegaViper View Post
Type in "Florida suncoast lawn care" in Google you will see. I'm in adwords on the right also. But still no calls. It's amazing. Glad I bought a 2010 Bad boy zero turn for $2k instead of $6k and such. And my enclosed trailer for $600.
I did that and sure enough your add came up but, I also did search's for mowing Harbour Heights and Charlotte Florida and you were nowhere to be seen. Basically, your site/add isnt working in search.

Try it, sign out of any google apps like gmail you may be on (it effects your search) and search mowing in your local suburbs and see how your site is working. from a potential customers stand point.

Your site has no info ie What, why, how and when (keywords), on it, no pics(keywords) etc etc. Its not going to work for you.
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