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Hydraulic System

Alright guys, I just bought a 07' Husqvarna LZ6127. Mower runs and cuts GREAT. Just needed a few things after buying like changing the oil..ect. It had been sitting in the shed for two years or so. After my last yard it started skipping which I recognized as the spark plugs, and after changing it ran fine. Then my left hydraulic got very tight and felt like it was straining and working against me. I have checked the hydraulic fluids and all seems fine and supplied. Would this be helped by simply changing the fluids and filters? Or is this more of a replacement issue that I am going to have? It just seems like there is not enough fluid going through to the left side. Anything that would prevent that?

*Also, how hard is changing the Hydraulic Fluid? I heard it's difficult, but it seems easy enough to me*
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