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Originally Posted by John From Florida View Post
Tough as in difficult to make a living doing lawncare?

Is this accurate in your opinion when compared with northern states? I'm considering doing lawncare part time during college and maybe going full time after graduating. Would I be wasting my time? I doubt this can be entirely true. Some have got to be making it OK. I eventually want to start a family - can I support a small family in this field?
Unless your degree is in Horticulture or Arborculture, yes you would be wasting your time. I have spoke to thousands of individuals over the years at hundreds of trade shows across the USA. The biggest advantage of working in this industry is the fact that among other things you can make or break your own destiny. Otherwise if you decide to stick with it you will get to enjoy the following: Dealing with people that really do not have a firm grasp of reality.
2. Working many long hours that will turn into weeks and than months and of course years, only to find out well where did the time go?. 3. You will also find it very hard to ever find someone to cover for time away even when emergencies arise. If your planning on starting a family in this business your wife and kids better be all involved or else you will have additional problems to many to mention here. You may be able to make a living from this industry but not much more than that. I have been there and done that for 20 years of my professional life. My professional life ATM involves manufacturing and selling my Two products to the end users in both the Arb/Hort industries. Very happy to say the balance of my working life seems to suit me very well. Hope this information will be help full since it is from the heart and this type of work is far more than a job more like a way of life.
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