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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

From Past experience of having both an educational website and a sales Website, Both sucked at getting customers. But if you are to a viable business you need one just like you need at least a 1 inch add in the Yellow pages. Don't forget DEX KNOWS Internet phone book either.

Bottom line is the more you tell the more you sell. Therefore websites and Phone Books etc are only there for back up to your word of mouth and other advertisement. If you ask a customer how they found you, they will say Phone book and not tell you they spend hours on your website before calling you.

All individual advertisement is an intangible that is hard to separate from other advertisement for effectiveness.

Lawn Care Operator Website

I know you are right Ric, I'm too lazy.

We are doing great just by word of mouth (picked up 6 more accounts on our last mailer).

Treating mature ficus and gumbo limbo has been a great door opener, not to mention profitable

We will sponsor a white fly seminar (fig and spiral) at a couple of HOA's next week, and the week after. At the same time my pesticide guy will come in and pitch as well as my pool guy, sprinkler guy, etc. Offer some refreshments kiss the usual a$$ and make the board look good.

I'm not as old as dirt yet, which makes me just a little younger than you I don't want to go insane until I groom my #4 son and #1 man to take over the sweating part of the business.
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