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Dave, I would base a lot of the decision on the dealer personality. You want a dealer who will work for you in case of any break downs or warranty repairs. Make sure they have a 48hr guaranteed turn around on commercial equipment and/or if they will provide you with a loaner if needed. You should get a good feeling just by talking with them. If their customer service isn't up to par, the rest doesn't matter. Personally, I run mostly Toro zmasters and we have had good luck with them - they are almost identical to exmarks. I demo'd a scag once and it was good, but just didn't have a dealer close enough. The walker mowers are typically slower than a regular zero turn but they give an superb cut and back all the clippings. I would only consider this mower if you have a lot of High end customers that are very picky - even then I probably wouldn't. We have a few beautiful million dollar houses and we just use zero turns with baggers on them. I have considered the snapper but again, no dealer around. Whatever mower you get, be SURE to test it out and know it's what you are looking for.
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