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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
Why are you keeping mileage logs on a work truck?

Work trucks are for work 100% of the time.

Personal vehicles are for personal (non-business) use.

If you stick to that, there is no need to log anything. Just keep gas receipts.

It is so much easier that way, and there are NO mistakes.
The truth is the IRS requires a mileage log even when you expense the work vehicle. The reason you don't hear more about it from accountants is accountants know better than to try to convince you to do it. If you are ever audited the auditor can require your mileage log books. Then you get to recreate them.

You'd be surprised at how often supposed work only trucks get used for personal travel. Here's a good example:

Tommy has a shop that is one mile from his house. Tommy drives his work truck everywhere he goes. What Tommy doesn't realize though is that the one mile trip from his house to his shop is not deductible. As soon as Tommy left his shop to go home the truck's true purpose went from business to pleasure.

There was a guy here at Lawnsite a couple of years ago that did some very creative numbers juggling. He and his wife jumped into his company truck, drove 300 miles to pick up personal furniture and then stopped at an auto parts store to buy spark plugs for his mower. Then he drove home and marked the entire trip down as business. Right. The auditors weren't born yesterday.

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