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Webinar: How LED Retrofits Help You Build Your Landscape Lighting Business

Over the last two seasons, we’ve answered a lot of landscape lighting designer’s questions about the newest outdoor lighting technologies: LED lamps.

The majority of questions range from LED lifespan, color temperatures, and how to design lighting systems to accommodate the new energy saving lamps.

But, by far, the biggest question we’re asked is “how can retrofit LED lamps help me increase my landscape lighting profits?

So, to answer your questions about retrofit LED lamps, and to help you sell the new life-long lighting systems to your customers, we’ve put together an interactive online event.

Our 45-minute outdoor LED lighting webinar will discuss the following:
  • An intro to LED lamps, including electronics, color temperatures, heat management, L70
  • Retrofit vs. integrated LED fixtures
  • How to tap into the retrofit LED market
  • Halogen lighting layouts vs. LED lighting layouts
  • LED energy savings
  • LED installation techniques
  • Lighting system maintenance

We will also open up the lines at the end of the webinar to answer your questions.


John Higo, Landscape Lighting Specialist, Illumicare Group
Raymond Josephian, Landscape Lighting Sales, Illumicare Group

To register – click the link below!

We use Go-to-Webinar software, so you’ll need to log in a few minutes before the webinar to download and launch the application.

If you are considering adding this technology to your toolbox in 2012, this webinar will be an excellent introduction to the technology and how they can help you grow your landscape lighting business.

Questions? Contact Pamela at 866-277-2934 x 5 or email.
Pamela Kennedy
Sales & Marketing
(866) 277-2934
Illumicare Group Limited

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