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Another 50 or 60? HA. Tree planting. I think dogwoods are selling wholesale nursery stock here for about 80 or so 2" caliper.

Each tree would have cost the man $125 or so.
Planting 40 to 50 each tree.
Mulch 40 bucks.
Gator bag 20 bucks each.

What are you going to do if one of the trees dies in 2 months? Is the replacement your responsibility? You better have a plan, IN WRITING, for something like that.

How long are you going to warranty the trees? I had a customer call me up 3 years after planting one and said it died and they wanted me to replace for free.

I offered a warranty at the time of install. Warranty costs more, because of the what if factor. 1 year max.

Buy the tree somewhere that offers a 1 year warranty (lowes does). You will pay more, but covers you if it dies.

Well, I kinda got off track here, but you get my point.
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