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Originally Posted by bulhead19 View Post
What do you guys use for advertising to gain so many customers, if you don't mind me asking?
I have the phone book and that's it
been in business since 1981 in my town word of mouth gets me jobs and how I do the jobs gets me jobs
During the summer time I keep notes on jobs I think I can bid on and win
For signing with me I give things away could be free Weed/Feed,or a tree of choice or a free Aerating for full service contact means everything they hire out to have done on there lawn and there landscape area
Lot time people call for a bid and I go give them price and If I visit with them for more then 15 mins 80% of the time I'll walk away with new customer
I know no stranger I like visiting with ppl I have good sale skills
My kids say I talk to much

Today gained another mowing job and one aerating job and thatching job
The thatching job I went gave them a price they said was going get 2 more bids I said ok

I visited with about weather and then talk about hunting for morels mushrooms then subject moved to arrowhead hunting said I had go look at another job as I was leaving they told me I had the job Then they ask if I can mow there lawn and they wanted my 6 step lawn treatment program
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