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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
While that is likely true, my truck is a work truck. Used only for work, and bought by the business, and registered in the business name, with commercial insurance. It's a 2004 that just clicked over to 30K miles last month!

It's the landscapers driving their chromed up $70K Denali "work" pickups down to the OBX a couple times a summer that they're after.
I do agree that in your particular case you probably wouldn't throw up a red flag for mileage. They have averages for every type of business there is. Say there was a company that did $40,000 worth of business and logged 25,000 miles doing it. That might throw a flag. They also probably look at inconsistencies in reporting such as wild fluctuations in mileage from year to year.

I know that my mileage is pretty consistent with my gross income. As my income goes up and down so does my mileage. It took them a while to process my return this year. Longer than usual. I know that they were having software issues for a while. But my return took longer to process than what their software issues account for. I suspect it was pulled for an internal audit and they didn't find anything worth asking me about.

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