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Originally Posted by chesterlawn View Post
The idea of running your own business is to make more money than if you worked for somebody else, living below my means is not what I strive for. Ten years ago most guys were shooting for $1 a minute or $60 an hour, now what $30-$40 an hour, it's going backwards. It is almost back to customers paying what what they would the kid next door to cut their yard. I saw another landscape about 2 weeks ago passing out flyer's $30 on lawns 1 1/4 acres. How can you make money doing this, I guess it keeps customers happy, until they find out their neighbor is paying $20.
maybe that's the idea for you to run your own business but not mine.

I run my own business to keep myself from doing the services I don't like and don't wanna do.

I could easily be making more money working for someone else. but then I could get stuck doing things I don't wanna do.

I have always lived below my means. even when I was a manager at a local car wash netting $80,000 a year.
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