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i love when i hear that thing about, "there are more deer here today, than when george washington was here." HOW THE HELL DO U KNOW? how rediculous to make such a statement. ive seen the way the wars were fought baack then, stand in a straight line, and just keep shooting and see who has more guys left. and, the way they practiced medicine, a guy get pnemonia, and they figure the best treatment would be to drain a bucket of blood from him. and i should believe they had some kind of sophisticated way to count the deer population? please! anyhow, one last question, in all seriousness. lets just say this "deer management " thing continues. every man is allowed 40 deer per season, of course every man will not fill his limit, but, in 50 years, do u think there will be more deer than there are today? less? none at all? be honest now.
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