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Originally Posted by BlueGrassBoy View Post
No, the guy said he would not mind paying 80 for the trees, that it was fine because he wanted a high quality job. One tree was $75 the other was $85, so for the trees alone was $160. Then I factored in the maybe two hours locating trees last night in my free time. I did find a nice nursery, though it was retail the quality was undeniable. I also bought a tarp to cover them in my truck and protect them from foliage damage. So here are my expenses:

Total time invested: 3 hours, including locating trees, and the job itself.

Fuel: $20
Trees and tarp:$174
Three hours of time:$30...10 per hour not working...?
So 280-224 is $56 dollars for three hours work. Not too bad I don't think for a first job, but there is definitely room for improvement. I should have bid 300, but we learn as we go. But I couldn't argue with 18+ per hour for my first job.
Just hope i get continue business, and desperately need to land some mowing accounts. I did learn that landscaping is much more profitable than mowing, but harder to find jobs without an established company...tell me what you the way the guy came outside half way through the job and payed me the 280 and went back to sleep lol, all in all i enjoyed the job this morning haha
Your numbers are all out of whack. How do you justify charging for your time riding around looking for a product when you're suppose to be the professional? You should already know where to go for the product. $18hr is lowballing prices.
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