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Originally Posted by BlueGrassBoy View Post
Okay. I have been putting up fliers for about a week now. Today I get a call about a landscaping job. The guy wants two dogwood trees, one pink and one white. During our first phone call he blatantly explains that he doesn't mind spending 80 for each tree, because he wants a high quality job. I first visited 2 wal-marts and a lowes, neither of the two carried white dogwoods. Finally I visited a nursery who had 2 very nice specimens of both the white and pink dogwood, for $85 each. The only thing I did wrong was purchase a $30 lower quality tree pink dogwood, before actually speaking with him. But I'm going to mark up each tree to $100 each, which is $200. Then $20 for my fuel which was really only about $12, and sixty for two hours of labor. Final bid is $280.00. I quoted him 275 on the phone but will negotiate the 5 bucks lol just to make it even. This is my first real job as of starting in this business this year. I am so excited, though I wish I had some mowing accounts by this point. But, It is still early in the year here in Kentucky, so I must be patient. I want you more experienced guys to tell me how I did wit negotiating my first landscaping job. Thanks and God Bless.
How long did it take you to sell the job, get the trees, plant the trees and meet with the customer to collect your money? If I understand your post correctly you made about $150 less overhead. Is that correct?

Overhead will eat you alive. My repair tech went out today and his first repair was for $830 with parts costing about $350. His next job he replaced a motor for $480 with parts costing $250. His next job was for $2400 with parts costing $1900 and he finished the day with a $650 job that had a parts cost of $350. How did I do today? OK but not as good as you think. Overhead eats you alive.

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