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lol some folks might consider a 4600 Ford overkill for my modest 1/2 acre lot. It might however be worth it to see the look on my neighbors faces if I fired one of those up in the morning.

I am a big fan of doing things myself. Doing the safe and sensible thing such as paying a professional is completely out of the question! DIY till I die... unless of course it involves extreme heights cause I had a bad experience with gravity once.

Wow your uncle could have easily bled to death. That is exactly what I don't want to happen. Im glad he made it to the hospital ok.

The 9" Mantis looks interesting. Have any of you good folks heard of anyone using the 2 or 4 stroke Mantis on a steep hill? I guess I want to hear first hand experience from someone who has

used a tiller on a hill and
this particular tiller was something available to the novice backyard enthusiast and
the make and model of the tiller they used on the steep hill

Thanks for reading.

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