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and finally the gate is done.

this gate may only represent 400 or so in materials, but it grows to 1300 when you include "curving charge" on the 2x2 square tubing on top, labor, cutting wheels, primer ( 32 cans) paint ( 40 cans) , and a spool of flux mig welding wire. I could have gotten the gate built for that dollar amount, but doing it in house makes one proud. It ended up being 7 foot tall at the sides with a 10 foot center height, and it varies on the bottom from 2 inches off the ground to 5 inches as the ground is not completely level or even.

the gate itself represents about 50 man hours of labor on cutting, welding, and painting. hanging the gate was about 6 hours for 3 guys with all the hinges and leveling and squareing it up.

I have to say I am very proud of it, it looks awesome next to the fence, and if we do another one we could probably do it in 30-40% less time.

next year I plan to extend the fence down the left and right sides of the property, and again hope and plan to enclose the smaller right side shop with a taller extension from the new side and match the front . funny how the old shop now looks fairly ugly next to the new side and now the fence. at the rate I am gobbling up inside space, I gotta keep building.
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