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Over the last 30 years we have mulched all our just need to have a mulch kit and run over them 3-4 times.

Personally, i'd rather ride around on a large mower than bag up and haul off leaves. You'll need a dust mask and goggles that keep dust out of your eyes.

Whatever works for you'll need to do it many times before you'l know what to bid each time

.. most guys are going to tell you mulching won't work or it will look bad.....I'd recommend trying it a few times...I hate to haul off leaves and clippings (when you bag, you also collect dirt and also deprive the lawn of organic material that can help to keep weeds down, save on water and generally make the dirt more healthy).

What also works....Mulch around once and then take mulch plate off and push remaining leaves toward center (mow in a clockwise pattern, throwing the leaves inward) until you get leaves in a pile...the remaining leaves you can then bag...but there won't be as large a volume-
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