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Originally Posted by lrodptl View Post
Barry,I could provide all that but Harvard made it sound so simple,by switching from a basic Scott's program to their formula. They showed a root system that had at least doubled in 6 weeks. They have hundreds of acres,all getting various types of use,various soils,locations,exposures etc. I live nearby.
Personally I have been using tea for 3 years and using tupersan for crabgrass control and Ringers Restore and Mother Nature's cuisine as a fertilizer. I'm 12 years into this home and I've switched from the Scott's program to organic twice before. I have a sandy soil and the problem areas that get overrun with crabgrass without prevention is sunny 80-90% of the time is the heavily used back yard. Grass type is KBG. I aerate and overseed every year. Other parts of the yard that are shadier and less used do much better,though the perimeter is lined with pines and I'm always battling moss. The only recommendations of consequence from the soil samples from UMASS is lime,along with fertilization numbers that could never be provided organically. Organic content of the soil has tested adequate.
It is unfortunate that Harvard presented tea brewing it so simply.

It sounds like you are doing a lot of good things and the biggest problem is due to heavy usage. Are you able to discontinue use long enough to allow KBG to develop mature roots & rhizomes? I prefer to use a mix of tall turf type Fescue, rye and KGB.
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