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Originally Posted by jpp View Post
Thanks. Yep a little bit of a drive. I will check out Kurtz brothers too.Forgot about them.

Note: I Am on the N.E. side of Cleveland am located smack dab in the middle of 3 Quality Suppliers.

I use Kurtz Bros. / Landscapers Wholsale for colored Mulch. I think they use "Amerimulch" (Dyed & ground up pallets). Good quality and nearby. Prices are O.K. I purchase other Materials from them as well, such as "Black Diamond Edging", stakes, UniLok, etc. First Class Operation (at least here ).

For plain old "Double Processed Bark Mulch" I use a Local supplier. This makes up %90 of my usual jobs. Prices are great and I dump all my grass there too, so it's nice to pick up a load of Mulch at the end of the day after I dump yard waste.... Then I'm ready to go in the morning.

I haven't had the best experience with Ohio Mulch, That's ME Personally. In their defense though, they had just aquired the facility here in Wickliffe.... Their Operation was just getting straightened out from their previous Property Operator. I puncured a 3 tires (2 Trailer and 1 of my duellies my dump) on 2 seperate occations. Plus they charged alot to dump grass, sticks, & basic cleanup debris, & didn't want leaves mixed w/ grass, etc. I am not knocking them.... It was just my experience early on, & there are just too many other places that I can Dump and pick up Product Cheaper.

I know that you guys are down in C-Bus, but we have a few Companies in common up here too. Just thought I'd throw in my "two-Cents" about my experiences with them.
Chris Grime
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