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Latest technology?

They are offering all (as I recall) of their new fixtures with LEDs. You can get them with either the Brilliance or Illumicare lamps installed.

I personally prefer the Illumicare, but I can't get away from the fact that most of the issues I've had with sockets an lamps over they years have been with bi-pins, so I've opted for SCB sockets and SCB LEDs with the few I've tried. I also tried a couple of Halco lamps in the same configuration.

The Illumicare seems to be more specific to our uses, including some sturdy cooling fins. The Halco equivalent is kind of a 'tower' design, less compact in other words. And the Brilliance design, though weather resistant, as a really limited light output.

Look for some new Nightscaping products offered soon by Belgard too... not sure if they're exclusively available through them, but they were designed to work with their stuff.

And no, I'm not a rep :-) Just appreciate that Nightscaping might be making a turnaround and may continue to be a force in the industry.
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