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The Saga of a Green Shoe

Chapter One


I was born. Looking back I feel this was very important.

Growing up as a child, my parents would require some form of "help around the house" from me. I mowed our lawn. It was far from the pride of the neighborhood, composed of many exotic varieties of thistle.

I was in the 6th grade of a local suburban Elementary School. The Year was 1977. My friends were nicknamed: Wadley, Q, and Rockhead.

My equipment:

1970's Zayre 22" push mower.
A battery operated rechargable scissor action trimmer on wheels, I do not recall the brand...Im leaning towards JC Penney? or Penneys as it was called then.

My sixth grade results and thoughts:

I did the mowing, my Mom did the trimming. My Dad supervised. Between the three of us, we had one of the poorest looking pieces of turf in our neighborhood. Rarely watered, with no weed control.

What I didn't realize is what it took to keep a lawn looking nice. However, I did notice that I admired the lawns that were maintained. I also had a mental rating system and ranking for the lawns in the neighborhood. I ranked which lawn that I thought looked the nicest. My friend Rockheads home was always near the top.

My ranking of neighborhood lawns in the 6th grade did not seem like a revelation to me at the time, but would play a major part in my life 20 years later.

Chapter 2...WADLEY THE
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