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Frankly, I believe you will lose money on this if you win the contracts. The work is too far away. Commercial properties all wants a low ball bid.

If you subcontract, you will make no money. If the other company screws up, you get the blame. Also, check it out...if I subcontract, my company is still the prime contractor and as such it is my companies workers compensation that covers the subcontractors employees while they are on my sites.

I was approached again by the transit authority here and this year they even said in their specs that the lowest bid will win the contract.

The Safeway head office contacted me again with dozens of sites, but they want the lowball bid.

I'm just not even going to bother with those sorts of contracts any-more. I spend 60 hours and alot more, doing up estimates and then they never call back.

I know we all want to have lots of business and make money, but some-times you just have to move on.

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