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No mulch kit, just side plate
-Lawn was St.Augustine and cut at about 3 inches...we go from 4.5 inches in summer down to about 3 inches in fall-
Agreed it is more difficult without grass, but you can do it--the grass makes it much easier
I don't bag cause organic matter for the lawn is much better than not...moisture retention, makes soil healthier...which makes grass grow better-bagging sucks up lots of dirt as well over time-plus bagging up leaves and hauling them off is sorry...
I would agree that bagging has its place...when there is so many leaves they would be accumilated after mulching them up...
i would also agree that bagging a yard typcially looks a little nicer-that doesn't mean that I would do it...hauling off debris is a losing proposition...guys up north get paid to do it, down south people don't pay for you to do it...they just expect it (if you bag)
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