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I have learned to let some things go. Although, I must say I have a good employee now. But, I probably go through 8 or 9 before I find a decent one. But, you're right, you shouldn't have to keep telling them the same thing. I had a guy like that once. Every time I stopped to do something, he would stop. If he needs a breather, that's one thing. But just because I stop and talk to a customer doesn't mean he has to stop to watch me talk. Ugh!!! I am constantly torn on the employee issue. It is the only thing that holds me back from growing into a huge business. I know, because I see the same things over and over, they just won't take the time and put those finishing touches on a property. And you know, that's not so bad if you offer budget lawn care. But when your prices are in the medium to high range, you have to offer a more professional service.
At the same time I understand that 80% of the time, these employees working for us are working at our lawn care business for a reason. There is usually some issue (drugs, in between jobs, no motivation, etc...) If they had a little money and motivation, they would have their own lawn care business, or be working at a better job with better benefits. Our typical employee usually doesn't hold a job very long. Just ask for their employment history for the last 3 years. Sometimes you get pages and pages of info!!! LOL...That should be a red flag. Then you get the ones that come up to you at a gas station and ask is you're hiring! Then proceed to tell you how much of a d*%& their last boss was! Nice! Just what I wanted to here from a potential employee
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