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I am in the process of using their product this year. I have run my own test on it and am very happy with the progress of my test. My friend used Holganix last year and said the costs were way to HIGH and a bunch of other thigns that he did not like. I started my tests on it last month during our little weather change in two plots like they said to start from new seed. I used urea on one area, nothing on another and SumaGreen Turf on the third. All with the same soil from same area. I did notice that the SG Turf came up faster by about 1 -2 days but the grass seems to be thicker which to me tells me more seeds took. The fertilizer I would say perfromed abotu the same or a little worse as of right now but the cost difference even at the 2 oz per application of SG Turf is much cheaper then the fertilizer. Not to mention the future treatments are going to be even cheaper then fertilizer. I am very interested to see my savings on the fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides becuase of the healthier grass.
I am definitely impressed so far and if anything even if it does preform the same as fertilizer I can now tell my customers there lawns are fertilizer free which means I can probably charge a little more next year. I already told many of them I was going to try a more All Natural product this year and the greening up period may take a little longer but the grandkids and pets are going to be able to play on a safer NON-Fertilized lawn.
I will keep you posted.
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