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I figured putting up beside the deck is a reasonable solution, but it has it's drawbacks too.

1. It's not private there
2. I don't see an obvious way of creating a decent waterfall - I can build up but I'm not seeing it look natural
3. The entire placement just won't look natural to my eye
4. It's not private there

If it's my only option, I will put it up there and I'm sure I would still love it. How would you go about doing a waterfall there? Just build up with rocks basically?

And Daryl - if you read the thread I'm open to an earth bottom pond, but don't really understand how to make it not be a small deep hole with water in the bottom. I don't know how you keep the water in there. I'm trying to learn though.

And don't presume to understand my relationship with "nature". What is even more natural about digging a hole to look at the water down there vs. throwing a piece of liner in the bottom? "Nature" puts liners all over the place...
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