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Lawn in Florida

OK, in the process of doing some yard killing. I have a bottle of the commercial round-up I got at the local DIY Lawn store. A couple of things I would add:

1. Not a commercial business but found this site. However if I get good at this who knows. If you are restricted to service providers I'll politely exit
2. The local shop felt that with my yard size (1.25 acres, though not sure how much is grass) that Bahai might be the best way to go. I can't do sod right now we are strapped, we bought the house and then my wife has breast cancer (recovering) but shelling out a lot for that. They were pretty sure that seeding would help.
3. I do have a well and can water.

They seemed to be pretty knowledgeable in their said the choice will likely be Argentine Vs. Pensacola. I am not sure which one at this point.

I am using commercial roundup whatever that's called to spray and kill weeds. My dog was getting these things stuck all over him all winter.

Plan to purchase a lawn sweep as I have a lot of trees. Also previous owner created very little barriers and grass is running right up to the trees. Grrr. What else. It appears to be unkempt St. Augustine (purchased the house late last summer).

Am I on the wrong path here? Pensacola grow in northeast Orlando?
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