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Please re-frame from giving advice about things you have no real knowledge of. You are giving this guy very bad advice.


First important fact is what type of soil you have. pH is very important with Bahia varieties. Your local County extension agent can best help you and will have a general idea of you soil. Bahia likes an acid soil and does well in it. Alkaline soil Bahia does poorly

If your soil is acidic Go with Argentine NOT Pensacola. The reasons are many but let us start with Seed Heads. Pensacola will shoot up seed heads 12 inch tall 3 days after it is cut certain times of the year. Pensacola is a Clumping Grass while Argentine is not. Argentine has more plants or blades of Grass per sq inch and is a more uniform turf compared to Pensacola which is a Pasture Grass. Argentine has a thinner blade and is Better looking. Both are Drought Tolerant and will green up with the first spring rain. But Argentine will have a greener color compared to Pensacola. Argentine Bahia is Residential turf while Pensacola Bahia is Cow food.


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