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Hey guys hope everybody had a good winter. I switched my name this year (I wanted a name with my last name in it) from E.Z. Landscaping to StewartScapes. Not much has changed for us, I got rid of alot of non profitable or deadbeat mowing customers. We were planning on doing a lot less mowing and a lot more landscaping. Last year was my best year ever in the bizz. I made a ton of money and was able to save a good bit of money. I returned to college this winter and love it, I also play hockey for my school which is great because we travel a good bit during the year, not to mention I love the sport. The unfortunate thing, I tore my labrum in my hip and was required to get surgery the day after my season ended this year (march 19). I am on crutches for 4 weeks and unable to work until atleast july after alot of rehab. My brother is doing my lawns and landscaping with me supervising, I will be hiring his friends on a need be basis. Its unfortunate I had to get surgery, I went from going to make a ton of money this summer to probably not making much. It could always be worse though! My set up is the same from last year I will update this frequently, we are starting landscaping this weekend.
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