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Originally Posted by oviedo View Post
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Originally Posted by oviedo View Post
I gotta be honest I hate those damn sticks that rise up, so I am still considering Argentine. So you say for Sand Spurs round up can kill them without killing the grass? Are we talking commercial wal-mart/home depot round up?

1/2 oz of Glyphosate 41% in a gallon of water sprayed over One Thousand sq ft will not kill Bahia, But it will kill Sand Spurs. That same rate is used as a chemical mowing rate and slows Bahia Growth. It also acts as a Broad lief Herbicide. Agriculture has been doing this for Years along Fence Lines and between Trees in Citrus Groves. Progressive Road & Right Of Way contracts for both State and County are now Chemically mowing Bids. Etc Etc I cut my own Bremuda lawn last year 8 times and was never over 6 inches tall. There are drawl back like stripping if you don't pay close attention to details.

John Franz PhD worked in R&D for Monsanto and formulated Glyphosate as a Growth regular that later became the most Financial successful Pesticide ever. BTW It was discovered as a Non select by MISTAKE.

PS Remember Roundup will kill sand spurs but it will not remove them from your lawn. The Dead spurs can still stick you and reseed them self.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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