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Talking Totes.

I use totes just for storage. Enough in my barn to hold 6000 gallons. As I pump the totes into my seal rig I clean them out with a small power washer. Circulate the tank for about 10 min, then I use the water for mixing my sealer. If you have a good basket strainer it is no problem at all. My 6000 gal storage capability cost me $1650.00 and i do not have a problem with it. and it didn't cost me $20,000 for the same storage capability. Plus if I end up needing more sealer toward the end of the year. I order another 6000 gal. I just store it in my heated barn. much easier to move around 275 gal totes for this purpose rather than moving a 6000 gal tank out of the weather. sealer actually has a 3 year shelf life when packaged this way. not that you would ever have the sealer that long. but start up is alot easier in the spring when you already have the sealer on hand. I agree though that it would be very difficult to use totes in the back of a truck for the purpose of sealing driveways. I have been using the same totes for my sealer storage for 7 years now and I am finally going to have to replace 4 of them and probably a few more next year. I like the way I do this. I will never lose alot of sealer due to a early cold snap like my competition did a few years back. 2000 gal gone!
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